Who is Angela Mazzanti? | Angela Mazzanti Biography

Did you know that over 700 million people are active on Instagram every month?

If you’re one of the many users who log in to that popular social media app, you’re probably wondering which Instagram models you should be following.

Angela Mazzanti has it all. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also smart, kind, and boasts over 600,000 followers.

Here’s the 411 on the talented Instagram model, musician, and cannabis personality.

Who Is Angela Mazzanti?

When it comes to top Instagram models, Mazzanti is known for her bold yet confident personality. Simply put, she’s a ‘bad girl.’ You can hear this personality in the lyrics and delivery of her rap music.

On top of having a beautiful body covered in artistic tattoos, she can also spit some mean but infectious rhymes. You might be surprised to learn that she started rapping at the age of 19 and has been perfecting her skills from that day onward.

There’s a reason she signed a music deal with Ghostcraft back in May of 2018. Ever since her first single with the one-of-a-kind Rick Ross, her musical career has been taking the world by storm. In short, she is as shocking as she is sexy.

Angela Mazzanti Instagram

Aside from her music, she is also known for being one of the best cannabis models on Instagram. Her advocacy for cannabis culminated in her hosting the fourth Kushstock Festival.

Is Angela Mazzanti Rich?

You might be surprised to know that her net worth is calculated at 1 to 5 million dollars.

What’s even more impressive is that Mazzanti is an entrepreneur.

Unlike other IG models, she refuses to work with a modeling agency or group. Rather, she’s her own boss and gets gigs solely based on her brains and body.

Should I Follow Her?

If you love tattoos, weed, and sexy girls, then you should already be following Angela Mazzanti.

Even before she became a famous Instagram model, she was posting photos of the tattoos she was getting on her smoking body. In fact, the very first Instagram photo she posted was of a drawing she planned on getting tattooed on her stomach.

Fast-forward to today and she has become one of the best social media influencers out there, especially when it comes to cannabis.

Angela Mazzanti grabbing a drink

Are You Ready to Follow Angela Mazzanti?

Now that you know all about the 411 on the talented Instagram model Angela Mazzanti, you can join thousands of others and follow her, too. You’re sure to be entertained by her amazing photos every time you log in to your Instagram account.

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