Top Cannabis YouTube Accounts (in 2021)

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the amount of interest people have for cannabis videos. With this trend, YouTubers creating custom cannabis-related content continues to grow as well.

Here are the top WeedTuber channels you need to be following.

WeedMaps TV

Weedmaps TV YouTube
Weedmaps TV logo

A popular brand channel, WeedMaps TV offers a variety of wonderful cannabis content. This channel has a great deal of introductory content for new cannabis users. The team behind WeedMaps TV also offers cannabis consumers topic-specific videos such as the WeedMaps TV sports channel, Exit Drug series, and other online branded series.

The programming on WeedMaps TV brings cannabis consumers one of the most robust and highest production quality set of videos within the list of Cannabis Youtubers. That being said, this channel can be great for both newcomers to the world of cannabis and to veteran consumers who know cannabis inside and out.

The Munchies by Vice News

Be ready to get the munchies for yourself to enjoy after watching this mouthwatering cannabis-infused cooking show!

The Munchies team shows you how to make marijuana-infused hot chocolate

Online news station, Vice News creates wonderfully cannabis content under the station’s “The Munchies” brand. The cooking show incorporates cannabis directly into the cooking process. The team does a wonderful job of providing a high-quality production with this channel, while also providing something enjoyable to watch. All and all, this channel can help patients across the country have a better understanding of how to cook with cannabis.

RuffHouse Studios

RuffHouse Studios Logo

An extremely popular channel, RuffHouse Studios brings cannabis consumers some of the best content in the cannabis YouTube community. The channel offers an impressive library of over 500 cannabis-specific videos ranging from edible overviews, how-to guides, and product reviews. All of which help make the RuffHouse Studios YouTube channel one of the most popular WeedTuber channels.

With that in mind, the team behind RuffHouse Studios does a wonderful job with high-quality production work for their video content. The channel highlights a popular topic, cooking with cannabis. Through this subtopic of edible focused videos, the RuffHouse Studio content truly shines. All and all, RuffHouse brings the strongest content library for cannabis consumers with their content.

Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University’s guide to making Cannabis Nacho Cheese Dip

Another business-focused YouTube channel within the cannabis community comes from the Cannabis Training University. This network of educators hopes to empower and educate cannabis consumers across the country with their content. To do so, the team behind CTU has generated a ton of cannabis-related videos for their YouTube channel. Their YouTube content even includes some guided lessons from their cannabis-centric training seminars!

The High Couple

The High Couple YouTube channel profile
Enjoying the high life

The High Couple consists of two cannabis enthusiasts within the expanding Hollywood cannabis sector. These two offer an exciting take on the day to day life of a cannabis couple on their show, The High Couple. Throughout the series, fans can see the couples enjoy their day-to-day life with cannabis through a friendly vlog-style presentation. The High Couple also presents a variety of specialty-focused videos that dive deeper into a variety of cannabis topics such as growing tips, introduction to cannabis, or live streams.


Paul with TokinGLX offers the cannabis community intriguing cannabis videos with insights into the cannabis community. The TokinGLX came to be famous within the cannabis community by creating new content on a regular basis. To be precise, he made over 2,000 videos through a daily practice of uploading a vlog.

Today he has a handful of videos which also includes a few live streams among his normal content. While Paul used to create daily content for the cannabis community but over the last few years had to withdrawal many videos due to a YouTube crackdown on the cannabis community specifically. Perhaps in the future though, YouTube will lighten their restrictions on cannabis and allow Paul to share his huge backlog of daily video for the world to enjoy once more. 

Mr. Canucks Grow

Profile picture for Mr. Canucks Grow WeedTuber

For members of the cannabis community looking to grow cannabis, they can turn to the YouTube channel, Mr. Canucks Grow. The host, Matt brings his expertise and experience as a ganja farmer to share with the world through this channel. That being said, his library of content can help empower anyone looking to start growing cannabis at home. For first time growers or those looking to fine-tune their cannabis cultivation skills, this channel can be a great solution.

Coral Reefer

Coral from the Coral Reefer YouTube channel offers patients and consumers advice about how to thrive in the cannabis community. The WeedTuber also offers patients news and other fun cannabis content such as the Reefer Rambling channel. Patients can enjoy some of her other interests, since Coral documents on content centered around non-cannabis themes such as delicious tasting donuts and her many travels around the world. All of the variety of her videos helps to bring an interesting set of content for any cannabis consumer to enjoy!

Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis in Canada logo

For cannabis content from the north, check out Cannabis in Canada! The channel managed by Jason Wilcox offers patients a variety of fun and exciting content tidbits from the cannabis industry events and other fun activities from the northern part of the continent. That being said, this channel offers great insights into other aspects of the cannabis community folks already familiar with weed may find enjoyable.

The channel also does a wonderful job with product reviews that can help empower patients who want to cultivate cannabis for themselves. Throughout the YouTube channel for Cannabis in Canada, patients are shown firsthand what it takes to be a ganja farmer. With these best practices, the content creator on this channel does a wonderful job of integrating product recommendations and other helpful tips to ensure your cannabis grow is ready for success.

Cannabis Saves Lives

This particular YouTube channel brings a view into the world of medical marijuana with Cannabis Saves Lives! Here patients can take a deeper look at outdoor growing techniques from an actual medical marijuana patient. Furthermore, the channel includes interesting content around CBD and dogs, a trend that has become more popular as medical marijuana expands around the country.

As a medical marijuana channel, the creators of Cannabis Saves Lives do a wonderful job to advocate for medical marijuana. Their team does this through a variety of different interviews, animated shorts, and educational clips that help to share the positive impact cannabis can have for patients. Through these advocacy focused videos, users will also see news segments that help to bring the spotlight to the powers of medical marijuana. All of which helps to expand the message of legalized medical marijuana.

Haley 420

Haley smoking a bong for the profile picture of her YouTube channel

Last and certainly not least on the list of top cannabis YouTubers comes the channel Haley420. This YouTube channel, focused on cannabis, brings a great amount of fun and exciting content such as Haley smoking out of a bong made completely of starburst candies! The video content from Haley420 regularly gets over a quarter of a million views, so you know she is doing something right! With that in mind, this channel offers an almost exclusive entertaining feel and is perhaps best watched with after a bit of cannabis has been consumed!

Cannabis companies and brands continue to generate content for the wider cannabis community as legalization spreads. Yet, within the YouTube economy though, the most popular cannabis shows come more organically from cannabis consumers who create their own content.

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