Top Cannabis Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

As the cannabis and CBD markets rapidly expand consumers are actively seeking out relevant social media resources on the industry. Here are the top Cannabis Twitter accounts you should be following.


SnoopDogg (or is it SnoopLion? we can’t keep track) has influence that goes far beyond the marijuana industry. Regardless, his twitter account is extremely full of cannabis-related content that is super entertinaing.

SnoopDogg on Twitter

High Times Magazine

High times places a crucial role in weed culture. The iconic marijuana magazine has a dope presence on Twitter, too.

HIGH_TIMES_Mag on Twitter


GPen is one of the most prolific cannabis vaping brands in the world. Their twitter content is no different.

GPen on Twitter

Stoner Clips

Awesome daily Cannabis video clips. Don’t skip this one.

Stonerclips on Twitter

Koala Puffs

Koala Puffs is a great example of a cannabis entrepreneur/influencer that has a super strong grasp of the weed space.

KoalaPuffs Instagram photo

When she’s not slaying it on Instagram, she’s acting as Co-Owner of HempKoala, a CBD gummy brand that makes some great products.

Koalapuffss on Twitter


TheWeedTube is actually a super interesting platform. It’s a video hosting platform that is way more marijuana-friendly than YouTube. Their Twitter account is a great resource for Cannabis video content that is way freer than what you might see on YouTube. They love Cannabis content creators and it shows.

TheWeedTube1 on Twitter


STIIIZY is one of those brands that has a super strong grasp on social media as a whole. In fact, they also made our list of top Cannabis Instagram accounts to follow.

STIIIZY on Twitter


Leafly is another brand that’s been in Cannabis long before it reached the level of public approval it currently has. The Twitter game is also super on point and they frequently post really interesting articles that most weed smokers will certainly enjoy.

Leafly on Twitter

Puff One

If the visual aspect of Cannabis is something you’re into Puff One has the perfect account for you.

Puff One Media Cannabis Photo

As their bio says, they focus on “Premium Bud Pics Daily”, a promise they don’t fail to deliver on.

PuffOneMedia on Twitter

What do you think of this list? Is there anyone you would add? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or by emailing us at

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