Top 7+ Cannabis TikTok Accounts

With TikTok being one of the most used social media platforms in the world, more users continue to embrace the video platform because of its amazing video making and sharing features. Although the platform has only existed for a few short years, it’s already become the most popular social media app in the world.

With the huge increase in users on TikTok, cannabis accounts are also starting to increase. Today there are over half a dozen cannabis content creators on TikTok starting to gain followings. While there is room for more marijuana TikTok accounts, these first movers have paved the way for others to find success on this social media platform.

With that in mind, we will take a look at some of the top Cannabis TikTok accounts to follow.


This account handler played off of the power of Medusa with a slight twist of making people stoned. With this in mind, he now has one of the most popular cannabis-related videos on the internet. His other videos make use of comedy to reach the heart of his users. This has gained him the nickname “stoned”. Being a creative genius, this account handler ensures that his audience always comes first. He currently has over 260,000 likes on his videos.

AppleCrumbWill on TikTok 

Using the #HitsBlunt tag, this account handler has been able to create something for the cannabis industry. According to some of the subscribers, the account embodies the hashtag and represents it fully. He takes out time to ask his viewers a series of questions which they will have to answer. From what we have seen users love to answer those questions. The account currently has over 145,000 likes. on TikTok


Dressing up as a Rastafarian, this account handler with only a couple of videos has seen a huge number of views for his cannabis-related video. He acts like a stereotypical 1970s stoner with the way he presents his videos to his over fifty thousand subscribers. Since he started, he has been able to gather over 190,000 likes from people all over the world on his cannabis TikTok.

MrBocaj on TikTok


Started off on Instagram, this account handler has made her way to Tiktok for reasons listed above, including the immense popularity of the TikTok platform. While she already had an established audience on Instagram, it didn’t take long before she became one of the most sought after on the app.

Her videos and posts are always informative and she tends to focus mostly on CBD products and weed. One of the interesting things about this account handler is that she knows how to express herself and she does not dodge tough topics. That being said, this content creator will often talk about some of the tougher subject matters around cannabis topics you would not normally hear about online. 


Also coming from Instagram where he is known as one of the best, he made his way to TikTok and since then has been breaking bounds. He has managed to create a name for himself while talking and doing reviews for some of the best CBD and weed products in the market at the moment. 

In addition to that, the account is entertaining and very funny. To engage his followers more often, he presents these reviews in a hilarious manner. This makes him one of the best cannabis accounts on TikTok. 

Jackey_420 on TikTok


Being one of the fastest-growing cannabis accounts on TikTok, this account handler is putting in the effort to ensure that she becomes one of the very best out there. Being a CanaBoss herself, she has managed to create a style for herself and this has helped her to build and also continue to connect with her viewers. 

She focuses on CBD products and how they can be used. She also does several reviews for cannabis-related brands as well. These reviews have helped MedicatedMarley become one of the more popular cannabis content creators.


Referred to by most people as one of the world-class rollers, this account handler has put in work to be tagged as one of the best cannabis accounts on TikTok. Like other influencers using TikTok, She Smokes Joints started off on Instagram. She has been able to make a switch to TikTok. With that said, this content creator only has one live video on TikTok. Yet, with over 275,000 followers on Instagram who enjoy her cannabis-related content, she is sure to be a hit on TikTok as well.

Cannabis Sounds Available on TikTok

Marijuana By Cheech and Chong 

This sound is from one of the biggest cannabis-related movies ever created, Cheech and Chong. On this social media platform, they are referred to as the “stoner duo” because of the way they present their videos as if they are under the influence of marijuana. This sound from the legendary stoners, Cheech and Chong includes a bit of comedy to it. This sound can help content creators provide a hilarious audio overlay to their videos.

Marijuana-Related Songs

The TikTok platform comes with a variety of different cannabis-related songs for users to add to their video content. This includes dozens of different artists which have published cannabis-related music. With that in mind, the TikTok platform gives users a great selection of different cannabis-related songs and more songs should be added in the future as the platform continues with its impressive growth.

In closing, TikTok provides a truly amazing experience for cannabis consumers looking to use a social media platform with entertaining content. Furthermore, content creators are constantly creating new content for their users from all over the world. This way users will always have something new to enjoy when using TikTok.

With that in mind, users should expect more cannabis-related TikTok content to be launched by users and added to the platform’s tools. With the immense popularity of the platform, the most active cannabis TikTok accounts will see the best return for the time they spend on this social media platform.

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