Top 5 Cannabis Marketing Firms

The world of cannabis marketing can be a challenging one to navigate. 

Restrictions across traditional marketing platforms continue to hinder cannabis companies looking to market their products or services. This includes Google, Facebook, and even many local options such as billboards (for most cannabis markets in America at least). 

These challenges can be overcome with a marketing team equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to help your cannabis business reach new customers.

That being said, here is a list of the top 5 cannabis marketing firms.


Cannabound Logo

Cannabound does a lot of things well but, when it comes to Cannabis and CBD influencer marketing, Cannabound dominates. The California-based cannabis marketing agency works with some of the most respected Cannabis brands to boost growth through influencers, publishers, SEO, PPC, and more. Cannabound also has a great weekly Cannabis Marketing Newsletter.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Inbound Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy
  5. Web Development
  6. PPC


Global Cannect

GlobalCannect is an agency with a diverse set of marketing services to assist your cannabis company. This marketing firm can help you deploy a tailored campaign for your next product or service launch.  The firm’s event services help bring a brand to life while connecting consumers to the business’s key objectives. 

The firm also specializes in Digital Marketing. With a variety of different tactics ranging from content marketing to email marketing campaigns, GlobalCannect can empower your online presence. With these offers, GlobalCannect can help with your next cannabis marketing project hit the mark for your company’s bottom line.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Digital Marketing Campaigns
  2. Event Organizing
  3. Cannabis Centric Agency


BrandJoint offers stunning packaging and design options for cannabis companies. With a beautifully designed website, the company stands out among cannabis marketing agencies, warranting it’s spot on the top 5 cannabis marketing firms! With that in mind, BrandJoint brings to life the old English adage saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Using the same logic, a properly designed brand must be worth the investment as well.

The firms worked on a variety of different campaigns to showcase their branding, design, and packaging work. PrimeExtracts design by BrandJoint brings this to life with a wonderful example of what BrandJoint excels at best. With that in mind, for your next branding or design project needs, contact BrandJoint to supercharge your cannabis branding.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Branding
  2. Design
  3. Packaging



PufCreativ brings together a full suite of marketing services to enhance cannabis marketing efforts. Their video and design work speaks volumes to their ability to translate a brand’s message into the proper medium to reach customers in the modern digital age. This content creating ability has brought PufCreativ onto the list of top cannabis marketing firms.

PufCreativ offers full suite marketing services to better extend the impact of their beautiful cannabis tailored content. To showcase this, the firm offers a handful of wonderful examples from their previous clients. Learn more about how PufCreativ can help enhance your cannabis company’s next marketing initiative.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Full-Service Marketing Agency
  2. Web, SEO, & Social
  3. Digital Marketing Campaigns



4Blooms Guru lives up to the name with a suite of services such as branding, packaging, and digital marketing services. The firm can give your cannabis marketing efforts a boost with big and small marketing projects. The specialized nature of branding and packaging offer long term solutions for your cannabis firm.

Furthermore, in the short term, 4Blooms Guru brings together a wonderful array of digital marketing services. The agency can help your brand connect directly with consumers and other businesses with proper digital marketing tactics for the modern age. For your next marketing agency needs, contact 4Blooms Guru to bring together the big objectives while keeping together the loose ends in the heavily regulated cannabis sector.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Branding & Packaging
  2. Web, SEO, & Social
  3. Digital Marketing Campaigns

All and all, cannabis marketing can be a challenging task for businesses. With so many restraints placed upon cannabis marketing campaigns, it’s always best to turn to trust professionals.

Want to learn more about cannabis marketing? Check out our weekly cannabis marketing newsletter. It’s full of helpful, actionable tips and strategies to grow your brand in the cannabis industry.

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