Top Cannabis Instagram Influencers You Should Be Following

As Cannabis becomes more widely accepted, online communities surrounding the industry become bigger and bigger.

In the Instaworld these influential 420 Instagram accounts have the dopest content. Get it…get it?!

Weed Humor

Weed Humor Instagram Post

With 4.1 MILLION followers it’s hard to deny WeedHumor is one of the largest influencers in the Cannabis influencer world. As the name implies, the account focuses primarily on marijuana memes and humor.

Weed Humor on Instagram


trippy.treez in her element

Part model, part marijuana goddess, trippy.treez has over 220k followers on Instagram for a reason. This stoner chick certainly knows how to work a camera.

Trippy.treez certainly takes cannabis influencer marketing to the next level.

trippy.treez on Instagram


HaleyAnn, also known by her Instagram name thehighwoman, has one of the most loyal followings in Southern California.

Her account focuses primarily on weed and CBD products and accessories. That being said, she certainly isn’t afraid to use her account to express her bright personality.

thehighwoman on Instagram


Trees, trees, and more trees. When she’s not posting on the gram, this Instagram rockstar is managing her own grows. For the more marijuana-scientific Instagrammers, herhighgarden is an account you NEED to be following.

herhighgarden on Instagram


Tyler enjoying the fruits of his labor

Browsing the bio of Tyler Maya you’ll see no reference to weed. Despite that, the freelance photographer consistently puts out absolutely awe-inspiring shots of Cannabis and has a knack for bringing out the physical beauty of the plant.

Before you visit his page be sure to grab a towel because your mouth will be watering in no time.

tyleramaya on Instagram


C’mon! What’s a Cannabis Instagram account list without the godfathers themselves? The duo also does a great job of posting Cannabis news updates, which is great for staying informed while you browse IG.

cheechandchong on Instagram


While this account is actually a brand and not an “influencer” we feel the high level of content they put out related to both THC and CBD-based products goes beyond what most brands are doing and thus qualifies them for this list.

stiiizy on Instagram


With 273k+ followers and growing, this guy kills it on Instagram. Jackey’s account features top-notch video reviews of some of the best cannabis products in existence.

Even if product reviews aren’t your thing this guy is downright entertaining regardless.

jackey_420 on Instagram


Your favorite “ʙʟᴀᴢɪɴ’ ɢᴀᴍɪɴ ᴀsɪᴀɴ”. Frequently traveling between the east and west coast, the bicoastal gal commands 37k+ followers.

_thehempress on Instagram


You can’t talk about cannabis Instagram without mentioning this girl. The Vegas-based CannaBOSS is one of the fastest-growing accounts on Instagram. A quick browse of her page will show you why.

medicatedmarley on Instagram


This girl is just downright fun to follow. While a lot of major social media personalities simply talk the talk, Bess actually walks the walk and works deep within the industry.

imcannabess on Instagram


Few accounts show the creativity Courtney does. A lot of people claim to be world-class joint rollers but this girl might actually have a claim to the title.

SheSmokesJoints on Instagram

The Mommy Jane

The Mommy Jane at a Cannabis Wedding

This rockstar cannabis mom lost over 100 lbs when she switched from wine to weed. She’s been featured in tons of cannabis publications including High Times. Her content is incredibly well shot and super fun to follow.

TheMommyJane on Instagram

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