Top Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Agencies

The legal marijuana industry is still in its infancy. As it proliferates, Americans are beginning to see more and more dispensaries and, along with them, advertisements for those dispensaries. But where are those ads coming from? Certainly managing a dispensary in today’s “grey-area” climate is enough work for any entrepreneur. Are they also managing their entire marketing strategy? The short answer for most dispensary entrepreneurs is no.

Most dispensaries need the help of some type of outside marketing team to get weed customers. Here are the top marijuana and cannabis dispensary marketing agencies.

Top Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Agencies


There’s a lot of cannabis marketing agencies out there but very few focus specifically on cannabis dispensary marketing. Foottraffik is one of them.

Foottraffik specializes in dispensary ads, search engine optimization, SMS marketing, and website development.

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In general, influencer marketing for cannabis can be complicated. Cannabis and CBD marketing campaigns often require coordinating with dozens of influencers, negotiating terms, and making sure influencers actually deliver results. Cannabound is the clear winner here. Cannabound helps marijuana dispensaries go viral on social media by pairing them with the biggest names in the industry on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Cannabound also works with cannabis and CBD brands to bring them recurring, organic traffic via SEO by creating and publishing ultra-engaging and shareable content.

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Dispensary Marketing

Dispensary Marketing is an agency that specializes in…you guessed it…dispensary marketing. They are a great option for dispensary owners that want to run paid ads across Google as well as optimize their site for search engines. They also do SMS and Facebook Messenger marketing too.

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ColaDigital is another marketing agency focus on dispensary advertising but they take a much more web content focus than most others. Dispensary owners can look to ColaDigital for web development, content writing, and SEO services.

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Marketing a dispensary can be difficult but you are certainly not alone. Any dispensary marketing agency on this list would be more than happy to help you grow your cannabis brand.

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