Top Cannabis Business Social Networks in 2020

The cannabis market has been one of the stalwarts in the last few years, and as a new decade gets into gear, most financial experts agree that this sector is primed to witness explosive growth. Indeed, with regulatory framework tilting in favor of the industry across continents, and legalization becoming the norm with every passing day, there’s no denying that an upward trajectory of the so-called “pot stocks” and associated businesses will remain undeterred. 

However, for a long time, cannabis companies wandered in the wilderness of technological antiquity, unable to seize the growth opportunities that were presented to other sectors. Only recently has there been a wholesale strategic shift towards embracing the internet, and all its unfiltered open-source glory, and none will be more important than the burgeoning of social networks for cannabis businesses. 

Gone are the days when business deals were conducted in hushed whispers and through family contacts. With corporatization and democratization of the industry leveling the playing field anyone with an idea and concept can move the market. And this is where cannabis social networks will play a massive role. 

Whether you’re a listed company, neighborhood dispensary or someone who just grows a few plants in the backyard, you can connect, interact and engage with other businesses/customers and drive the growth of your product through social media. 

So, in this article, we list the top social networks you need to be a part of, if you want your cannabis business to succeed in 2020. 


Weedlife cannabis network

Referred to as “Facebook of cannabis market”, WeedLife is the most popular social network for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses alike. With a newsfeed style layout that showcases the latest news, reviews and everything in between related to marijuana, WeedLife has become the homepage for cannabis users on the internet. The fact that it retains the social aspect enabling people to create profiles, post photos/videos and partake in one of the most active marijuana forums makes it a pioneer in the virtual world, despite a few technical annoyances. 

Registration is free for users and businesses. While WeedLife is more user/consumer-oriented network, its sister offering, MJlink, is more of a b2b based network.            


  • Connect and interact with fellow cannabis enthusiasts 
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and keep in touch with market innovations
  • Share photos, videos and experiences with people who understand what you’re talking about
  • Discuss, debate and talk with other cannabis users on one of the most active marijuana forums
  • Gain insight into the science and strains 
  • Review products and recommend dispensaries 
  • Join groups and fan pages                



Leafwire logo

A new entrant to the field, Leafwire has grown quickly to become a favorite among the cannabis business community. Akin more to LinkedIn than traditional social media, Leafwire aims to connect business owners with potential investors in a more professional setting, albeit in the virtual world. 

Whether you want to gain access to capital, or network businesses in your niche area, Leafwire is your best bet. You can post news, articles, photos, and information related to your canna-business.

 It also allows you to scout the best talent in industry or if you’re a job seeker, a new workplace. The best part about the platform is you get to interact with actual professionals and experts rather than just fellow users. 


  • Professional platform intended to connect investors and business owners alike. 
  • For a sector long seen as inherently risky, Leaf Wire allows business owners to access a pool of Interested investors and venture capitalists
  • Likewise, the platform allows investors to make early inroads into businesses in a potentially explosive sector
  • Similar to LinkedIn, the marketplace allows companies and employees to find the right person/place to work with
  • Learn about the industry, new techniques, products and trends from some of the foremost experts in the field

Join Leafwire


CannaSOS Logo

Think a cannabis directory where you can read through a database of different marijuana strains, find various products and nearby dispensaries as well as get all your cannabis-related questions answered, and you’d end up with one of the fastest-growing websites in the form of CannaSOS. 

As a business owner, you can get your enterprise listed on the website, and make it accessible to hundreds of thousands of visitors. You could also run ads on the platform and gain an edge over your competition through hyper-targeted marketing. 


  • Massive database of cannabis strains with detailed information on their effects, THC ratios and other attributes 
  • Find products and dispensaries filtered to your specific needs
  • Create and run ads for your business
  • Fast growing community with over 500,000 monthly visitors
  • Attractive and user-friendly platform
  • Get all your questions answered by “weed pros”
  • Join niche groups for those ultra-specific discussions

Visit CannaSOS


Massroots Logo

One of the oldest websites in the industry, Massroots gets a mention here for crossing over the 1 million user mark, if nothing else. Unlike other names on this list, the website is less social in the sense that there are no user profiles or a focus on connecting with other people. 

It’s most of a yelp/trust-pilot kind of platform where you review and rate products/dispensaries while sharing photos and videos about them. 


  • Rate and review different cannabis strains/products
  • Share your photos, videos, and experiences with different products
  • Gain access to a wide database of regulated dispensaries 
  • Privacy-focused social platform. 
  • List your business/dispensary while gaining insight into user engagement, analytics, and feedback. 

Join Massroots


While this is in no way an exhaustive list of cannabis social networks, if you have a business, or are venturing into the industry, it’s imperative you partake in them. 

They are all run professionally, with lofty goals of connecting businesses and marijuana enthusiasts alike for the collective enrichment of the community. 

Are you a part of these social networks? Have we missed any? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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